What is Hyperlocal Delivery? Why is it a Thriving Space in these Pandemic Times?
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What is Hyperlocal Delivery? Why is it a Thriving Space in these Pandemic Times?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it has become to get products delivered to your customer’s doorstep in today’s times. The invention of hyperlocal deliveries has changed the shipping and logistics industry in the blink of an eye. And this trend is ever-growing in an uncertain world, where the people’s first and foremost concern seems to be the acquisition of essential products under a national lockdown.

Speaking of hyperlocal delivery, are you wondering what are we talking about here?

It is nothing but a super fast delivery. You know how Amazon has taken the task of accomplishing as many next-day deliveries across the world as possible? Well, a hyperlocal delivery service means same-day deliveries within a limited distance – mostly in your neighborhood. And we are constantly seeing this space prospering with new startups like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, etc. aggressively delving into the picture.

Nevertheless, we also need to comprehend why the hyperlocal space is flourishing, especially in these COVID-19 times when the entire country is going through a lockdown. Keep scrolling to find out.

  1. The Same-Day Delivery Concept

Like we mentioned earlier, hyperlocal delivery is all about achieving same-day delivery of a particular product within a limited distance. When the economy is under a massive lockdown due to the fears of coronavirus spread, the hyperlocal space is allowing sellers to enable grocery delivery to the customers in need. And the best part about this feature is that the seller gets to deliver the product within a few hours’ time. The shorter the distance, the lesser time taken to achieve a specific task.

For example, Shiprocket Local, a hyperlocal delivery product launched by Shiprocket encourages the seller to deliver essential goods to its customers within a distance radius of 8 km. The delivery happens within a few hours.

Now isn’t that something to be happy about?

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  • Delivery of Essential Goods

People have stopped buying products from the market and companies have stopped selling them too – all because of the coronavirus lockdown. However, the saving grace seems to be the ongoing delivery of essential goods to the people who are practicing social distancing. And this is where hyperlocal takes the cake. Because it is able to provide a brilliant platform for online grocery shopping and spending money on medicines if required. Companies like Shiprocket, Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato, etc. are relying on the delivery of essential goods for their business continuity. At the same time, the general populace is relying on these companies to deliver the essential items to their doorsteps as quickly as possible.

Hyperlocal delivery is a boon for both the parties in these times. And we should never forget that!

  • Maintaining Business Continuity in Stagnant Times

Yes, the world has come to a still and there is nothing we can do about it. Businesses are failing, economies are crashing and disease seems to be spreading like wildfire. However, we must not forget what an amazing invention a hyperlocal delivery service is during these times when the companies need people to consume products. By supplying essential items like masks, sanitizers, online grocery and pharmaceuticals, businesses are being able to maintain continuity and make optimum use of manpower employed by them.

  • Kirana Stores in the Limelight

And during these pandemic times, we’re finally recognizing the importance of our next-door kirana store! Here’s an instance for you to read – Shiprocket Local connects numerous kirana stores with the customers to fulfill the delivery of essential products like masks, sanitizers, pharmaceuticals and groceries within a distance radius of 8 km. When everything is failing, our old-school kirana stores are sweeping in to save the day.

It’s like an online supermarket – but only for essentials.

  • Touch-Less Deliveries

The hyperlocal delivery space is also thriving because of the hygiene measures being taken to mitigate the effects of the novel coronavirus. For example – Swiggy, Dunzo, Shiprocket Local etc. are encouraging their delivery partners to practice no-touch deliveries and wear masks at all times. The aim is to manage the delivery of products, grow this particular revenue stream as much as possible and at the same time, do everything possible to keep social distancing in mind while doing business.

So, what are you waiting for at a time when you as a kirana store owner can acquire a lot of business from your neighbourhood? Create a free online store with Shiprocket Social now and start delivering essential products to your customers.

It’s time you kept up with the shipping trends in the market and started online grocery delivery and more for the people of your community.


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