How has COVID-19 Affected the eCommerce and Logistics Industry?
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How has COVID-19 Affected the eCommerce and Logistics Industry?

Novel coronavirus has taken the world by a storm – hitting global economies like a tonne of bricks by putting them under lockdown. Currently, India is undergoing a state of national lockdown, which is bombarding almost every industry with disappointment. Unfortunately, the industries of eCommerce and logistics are not immune to the backlash of this step.

Consider this writing piece a tribute to all the companies providing us with some of the most amazing eCommerce and logistics services – here are a few ways how these pandemic times, coupled with the national lockdown, have affected the two most important pillars of our economy. Keep scrolling to know more.

  1. No Movement of Goods

This is probably the biggest challenge that these industries are facing right now – the condition that goods can’t be transported from one place to another. Technically, only the essential goods are allowed to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. And perhaps that is why the hyperlocal delivery business is booming, at the moment.

Although, now that the lockdown has extended, several 3PL companies have begun to resume the deliveries of non-essential goods, as well.

Nevertheless, in the recent past, the regulation of not being able to deliver goods to the homes of the customers has been a huge business loss for countless eCommerce and logistics companies.

  • Lack of Clarity

There has been a lack of communication among several groups of people since the beginning of the COVID-19 era. That could probably be because of the improper seepage of information from one department to another. However, due to this, many places have not been able to witness efficient deliveries of even essential products like masks, sanitizers, groceries etc.

Also mentioning the silver lining in this scenario – the problem of lack of clarity is being overcome by on-the-ground authorities, who have way more information now. Curfew passes are being given to the delivery partners, so that last-mile and hyperlocal deliveries can happen smoothly.

In our opinion, effective communication between on-the-field professionals is the need of the hour for the logistics business and eCommerce.

  • A Backlog of Goods

The supply chain logistics industry couldn’t have seen a more complicated time than the one right now. The lockdown on the delivery of non-essential goods had created a massive backlog in the hubs and warehouses.

  • Less Consumption

Right now, the demand trend seems to be very limited. If the government isn’t allowing companies to deliver non essential goods, the people also are not very interested in ordering a bunch of fancy stuff for themselves, as well. Novel coronavirus has created a demand for masks, sanitizers and other hygiene equipment. Consumers are buying only the must-have products and in today’s time, we believe that the sellers who are selling essential items are the ones to be cashing out quite a bit.

As for eCommerce and logistics – well, these seem to be going through a significant change.

  • Tech-Enabled Revolution

These grim times have brought technology to the surface so much that it is the star of the hour. We are witnessing a shift in the way the Indian eCommerce and logistics industries work. We are noticing an important technological transformation.

People are working from home, engaging in video conferences and staying connected through their phones and computers for work. Third party logistics companies are extracting a lot of mileage due to their tech-enabled, data-driven software. Sellers are understanding the importance of automation and an enhanced customer experience.

We’re glad it’s not all bad since the lockdown. Technology has really brought out the best of logistics management and eCommerce.

  • New Revenue Streams

Thankfully, these 2 industries are also embracing newer revenue streams – hyperlocal deliveries being a crucial part of this process. A lot of shipping and logistics companies have started delivering essential commodities to the homes of their customers, even the ones that have never dealt in them before. This is another one of those silver linings that make you believe in hope and perseverance. Because instead of taking the verdict of the state and shutting down operations altogether, numerous companies have worked hard to manufacture and deliver some of the most basic products to the doorsteps of so many.

And that too completely impromptu!

In conclusion, it is important to mention that the delivery of non essential goods have resumed, finally. You can click here to get more information about this. And we strongly believe that everything is going to go back to normal soon enough, now that this has happened.

So till the next time, happy selling!


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