4 Benefits of Using a Payment Gateway like PayU for your Business
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4 Benefits of Using a Payment Gateway like PayU for your Business

Yes, we know that Cash on Delivery is quite a popular payment option among Indian consumers. People don’t really trust digital payments, as much. However, in the world of digitisation, going cashless and ensuring social distancing to mitigate the novel coronavirus fears, payment gateways play an important role. For your information, Shiprocket Social has partnered with PayU to enable safer transactions for you and your customers. In today’s blog, we would like to enlighten you the major 4 benefits of integrating a payment gateway like PayU or Razorpay with your online store.

  1. Faster Transactions

You need to let your customers know that using a payment gateway allows faster transitions to happen. Manual transactions are exhausting and the entire point of integrating an eCommerce website payment gateway is to provide you with the convenience of not having to wait in long lines. That is exactly why Shiprocket Social allows you to integrate PayU and Razorpay with your online shop because the whole point if to automate the processes one by one and empower you with ample ease and higher productivity to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

  • Secure Transactions

Another one of the amazing payment gateway benefits is that your customers’ transaction remains secure and the chances of getting their data leaked are slim to none.

Why is using a payment gateway a safer option? Well, payment gateways like PayU and Razorpay use industry-standard encryption and successfully protect sensitive data, hence, shielding both the parties – the consumer and the seller – from suffering from a case of fraud.

  • Expand your Customer-Base

One of the amazing payment gateway benefits is that your business is not limited to a geographical location. You can attract people from all over the world to come to your website, shop to their heart’s content and avail safer, faster and universally accessible payment solutions.

So, are you starting to understand exactly why we’ve made sure for our Shiprocket Social sellers that they can avail the extraordinary benefits of PayU and Razorpay for their eCommerce store?

  • Integration with the Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart is automatically integrated with the payment gateway so that whenever a customer shops on your website and adds products to their shopping cart, they can experience a seamless checkout process and feel satisfied with their shopping spree by the end of it. The shopping cart automatically calculates the total amount that needs to be paid by the customer without you having to intervene and help them out in any manner.

The conclusion runs something along the lines of us encouraging our sellers to hop aboard the Shiprocket Social bandwagon, create your own online store with our easy-to-use website builder and reap the benefits of using an eCommerce website payment gateway. Because the more convenience you provide to yourself and your customers, the bigger your business will become.

Allow Team Shiprocket Social to make your social selling experience even easier.


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